Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Random Collection II

Last Week Sometime
Advert for some TV show where people compete to become fashion designers: 'you can't have fashion without victims'. A female dummy torso with scissors stuck in it. Never thought I'd say this, but I think I agree with the fashion industry on something- fashion has victims.

14/01/06: Note to self:
When on a train, don't leave feminist literature on the table when you go to the toilet. When you return you may find yourself getting talked at by a polite but nonetheless quasi-sexist and xenophobic man, and have to argue in defence of the book (which he has never read). It's not worth it, and you know that politeness will restrain you from telling him what you really think, that all you want to do is read the damn book, that you're not interested in hearing about his life, and that you're not just a blank surface ready to passively absorb all his beliefs, anecdotes and interests. Yet being polite, you just listen, give your tuppence worth where you can, question his unpleasanter pronouncements and hope that he'll shut up soon. After all, to sarcastically paraphrase Kingsley Amis, of course he likes 'ladies', they're so fucking nice.

16/01/06: Overheard on another train, words from another world:
'What if the company in the meantime wins a million pound contract?'
'We should fog the issue'

Fog used as a verb? I like it. I'm going to fog things when neccessary.


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