Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tag, I'm it! Four things...

I've been tagged twice with the same meme! Thank you Happy and Winter.

Here goes: the Four Things Meme.

Four jobs I've had

- Administrative Officer Typing and stuff.
- Factory Packer I packed ready meals into their plastic containers in the freezing cold for minimum wage on twelve hour shifts. I lasted four days.
- Living Statue I stood very still in a costume for minimum wage, and children tried to scare me. I now know for a fact that even when you can see that a 10 year old brat is sneaking up behind you, it still makes you jump when he yells in your face.
- Supermarket Packer See above re: factory packer, and replace 'ready meals' with 'bread', 'freezing cold' with 'searing heat' and 'four days' with 'ten months part time'.

Four TV shows I watch

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- The Simpsons
- Futurama
- The Office

They're funny, they're clever, they're social commentry! What more could I ask?

Four films I can watch over and over again

- New Dragon Gate Inn
- Girl, Interrupted
- Muriel's Wedding
- Charlie's Angels

Four places I've lived

- Durham Very pretty, very hilly.
- Cambridge Very pretty, very unhilly.
- North London
- South London

Four places I've been to on holiday

- Greece Athens, Mycenai, Delphi, Thera, Crete... I wanna go back. Right now!
- United States Various states... will be going again later this year :)
- Italy Rome... I wanna go here right now as well.
- Hong Kong The food! *drools*

Four blogs I visit everyday

- I Blame the Patriarchy
- Mind the Gap
- Philobiblon
- Travelling Punk

..... and all the others on my Blog Roll

Four favourite foods

- Chocolate It damn well is a food. Supplier of vitamins Q, R and Z.
- Brie So soft, so yummy...
- Pasta Cook it with all sorts of things, it's the amazing 'make a meal out of nothing' food for lazy cooks such as me.
- Stilton Yes, another cheese, but cheese is a gift of the gods.

Four places I'd rather be

- In a second hand bookshop, with lots of time and money
- An ice cream parlour with a comfy seat, magical non-drippy ice cream and a book
- Somewhere warm, damnit!
- A kung fu movie, as the mighty heroine (yeah, I know, that's not a 'place')

Four albums I can't live without

(well I probably could live without them. Anyway, I listen to them a heck of a lot)

- Christina Aguilera: Stripped
- Skunk Anansie: Stoosh
- Hole: Live Through This
- Destiny's Child: The Writing's on the Wall

Four vehicles I've owned

Can't drive, don't cycle.

Four people who now may consider themselves tagged

- Frog
- Four Horsewomen
- Hippie
- Devious Diva


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